School Clubs

At River View, we offer a wide range of after school clubs for all year groups throughout the year.  We firmly believe that after school clubs are extremely beneficial for children’s personal development and well being.   After school clubs enable children to interact with new people, develop social skills and learn new things while having lots of fun!

Our after school clubs change every half term and are run by a variety of different people including teachers, TAs, support staff and outside providers.

Here is an example of just some of the exciting clubs we offer at our school throughout the year:

●     Birdwatching

●     Outdoor adventure

●     Communication

●     Spanish

●     Sketching

●     Life skills

●     Mini Duke of Edinburgh

●     Model making

●     Gardening

●     Drama

●     Reading

●     Story time

●     Eco


We also offer a wide range of sport clubs.  Some examples of these include:


●     Basketball

●     Football

●     Latin and ballroom dancing

●     Cycling

●     Yoga

●     Tri golf

●     Ballet

●     Dodgeball

●     Hockey

●     Gymnastics

●     Parent and child bootcamp

●     Badminton

●     Running


If you would like to know which after school clubs we are currently running, please give us a call and we will be happy to let you know.

Our Facebook group regularly updates parents with any new clubs your child may wish to join.




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