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EIP League Table Since opening in 2011, we have focused on promoting healthy and active lifestyles. We have a team of sports coaches who support PE across the whole school and ensure children have good quality teaching and learning experiences, including sessions that are run before and after school. Please visit our School Clubs page for more information.

Sports mornings 8.30am - 8.45am (Monday-Friday).

Lunchtimes - various sporting activities. See Mrs Hayward and Miss Acklam for details.

P.E Lessons - Please make sure that your child arrives at school with their full P.E kit. White t-shirt and black shorts and in the colder months black tracksuit. Children wearing earrings must make sure they are removed on the day they take part in P.E activities.





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Curriculum Overview

Our PE curriculum has been developed with the children's interests in mind and ensures that the children develop skills in PE activities as well as understanding the importance of exercise to support healthy lifestyles.

Children at River View are taught by our three sports coaches to deliver specialist PE sessions across a range of different sports - from dance and gymnastics to cycling, football, rugby and hockey. We are also looking to use the expertise of some of our teaching staff to promote skills in other sporting fields! We are exploring to provide alternative sports for the children at River View such as Quiditch and Parkour. We also use specialist teachers to boost our PE curriculum such as a dance instructor. 

Children from Years 3,4 and 5 will also go swimming as part of annual intensive programmes which are funded by school so that children leave school being able to swim.

Change for Life - Small groups of children are selected and taken out of class all year round to help increase activity levels throughout the school. This provides our children with extra opportunities to boost their activity levels and learn the importance of health and fitness. 

Sports Premium Funding

At River View, we are keen to invest heavily in opportunities for our children to take part in a range of activities, including competitions with other schools, competitions in school and introducing children to new sports and activities.

We will receive £19,770 Sports Premium funding for this academic year. Please view our reports to see how River View has been using the funding to promote sport and healthy lifestyles across school.

Sports Premium Plan 2023 24

Evaluated 22/23 Plan

Swimming Data 2022.2023

Working in Partnership

The Irwell Education Improvement Partnership is made up of 8 primary schools and 1 high school from the local area. The fundamental aim of the partnership is to improve all outcomes for our children. We use PE, school sport and competition to inspire children in member schools to be more physically active, healthy and to reach their full potential.

Throughout each academic year a programme of high quality inter school competitions in a variety of sports are organised, allowing the children the opportunities to use their skills and passion for sport in a competitive way, whilst working as a team and representing their school.

Our mission is to create a culture of sport within our schools which encourages all children to be active, enjoy sport and help foster the aspirations of possible future sporting stars.

Sports Fixtures and Competitions EIP League Table

At River View, we are actively involved in a  range of competitive sports. We take part in a number of competitions in and out of school and compete alongside a number of local schools. Fixtures and events will be posted here in the future.

League Table for the EIP competitions and fixtures

Throughout the year, we compete against local schools in a range of competitions, from Hockey to Cross-Country. Children in each of the year groups compete in different activities.

EIP Sports League Table 2023



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