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What does Specialist Provision at River View look like?

River View Primary School hosts a fifty place Enhanced Resource Provision for pupils with speech, language & communication needs (SLCN) or Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The children given places here travel in from all over Salford and are aged between 4 and 11 years old. They have a range of speech and language disorders, including phonology, semantic and pragmatic language.

River View Language Resources provides a specialist, multi sensory learning environment for children with speech and language difficulties and ASD. This includes access to new technologies and extensive outdoor facilities which provide opportunities to extend language further.

The children in the resource receive specialist help for their difficulties whilst having the opportunity to integrate into mainstream classes. It is led by a specialist teacher and teaching assistants who provide a curriculum that is specific to each child in the unit. This is a specialist provision for children in early years, key stage one and key stage two. Children have the opportunity to integrate into some aspects of learning in the mainstream school with support.

Resource Provision at River View

Pupils attending the resource provisions at River View present with a combination of layered needs e.g. communication, cognitive, mental health, relationships, behavioural, physical, medical and sensory. They need informed, specific support and strategies which may include transdisciplinary input to engage effectively in the learning process and to participate actively in classroom activities and the wider community.  Their attainments may be inconsistent, presenting an atypical or uneven profile.  An understanding of these atypical development patterns ensures that emphasis is placed on conducting appropriate assessments and providing relevant and personalised learning experiences all within the context of curriculum for excellence.  At River View, pupils may be working at any educational level, including the pre-formal (engagement model), semi-formal curriculum and the formal (national) curriculum.

Additional professional expertise is sought from agencies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and educational welfare as appropriate.



Lead for The Harbour Resource Provision and Teacher – Miss G Crossley

Teacher - Mrs A Moody

Teacher - Mrs E Bracey

Teacher - Miss N Hiles

Teacher - Miss L Kirkwood

Teacher - Miss A Taylor

Teaching Assistant – Mrs J Mullineux, Mrs C Ayres-Roberts, Miss C Harrison, Mrs K. Abdallah, Ms K. Downing, Miss H Bamber,  Miss L. Ward, Mrs R Butler & Miss C Wonta, Zaji Smith, Mrs A Brucceleri (maternity leave)


Please call into the office or contact school on 0161 921 2670, if you would like to speak with any of our SENCOs to discuss your child.  

SENCO Year Group
Miss G Crossley   The Harbour 
Mr F Earp  Mainstream

Our Specialist Provision has all four key functions at its heart but with particular emphasis on Achieving Highest Standards, Delivering 21st Century Learning and Bridging Gaps.

The staff plan carefully for the development of language in Literacy and Numeracy within the provision. As River View is an inclusive school, Language Resource children will also explore units of work in line with the mainstream curriculum both in their own setting and by giving them the opportunity to integrate into the mainstream classes for some units of work. Children have carefully planned activities to meet their needs. Language Resource and Mainstream staff work closely to ensure the curriculum is accessible for all. Children in the ASC Provision integrate into some mainstream sessions, where appropriate, supported by members of the specialist team.

Supporting the Curriculum: The River View Primary School Mission Statement

Our ethos and vision for the school includes the whole community.  River View is known as an inclusive school which values diversity and treats each child as an individual.  We provide an environment that enables all of our children to develop academically, socially, physically and emotionally to reach their full potential by removing barriers.  Our resource provisions are fully embedded within the educational continuum. 

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